4 Ideas for an Easy Living Room Remodel

Living Room
Are you remodeling your home? You may want to consider showing your living room a bit of attention with these easy tips.

The living room is usually a comfortable, relaxing place, and depending on how you use it, it may be your favorite place in the house. For many homes, it is the center of leisure activity: playing games, watching tv, entertaining guests. But if your living room is starting to feel drab and boring, here are 4 DIY remodeling tips you should consider that can fit into almost any budget.

Update The Furniture

Updating your furniture may not sound like a cheap DIY, but that depends on how much updating you’re doing. One easy way to update furniture without spending anything is to move it around. If the focus of your living room is a TV, consider putting it against (or on) another wall. Then rearrange the rest of the furniture to fit the new location. Even if you can’t move the focal point of the room, rearranging the furniture is a quick remodel idea that will refresh the whole room. If you have a larger budget for this project, consider replacing the older furniture, or anything that just doesn’t fit your needs anymore. If not, you could still update it at lower cost by reupholstering it.

Paint The Walls

Paint is a relatively easy and super cost effective way to make a big change in a room. You can repaint the whole room a new color or opt for an accent wall. Choose a smaller wall and paint it a really striking color to stand out from everything else. If you have chair rail, consider painting the wall above and below it two different colors, even contrasting colors to really add drama.

Redo The Lighting

Lighting sets the whole mood for a space, so updating it is a great way to remodel the room. If you have one central lighting fixture in the room, there are a couple ways to change up the overall lighting effect. Changing out the fixture entirely will make the whole room look different. Adding additional table lamps or floor lamps will also update the feel of the room. Finally, consider adding picture lights to highlight stuff on the walls.

Upgrade The Floors

Depending on the flooring you currently have, redoing the floors in your living room could be a perfect remodeling project. Replacing carpet is relatively inexpensive, but if you currently have wood or tile, you could consider installing carpet over top. Installing new laminate is also pretty easy, if carpet isn’t your style. Either way, a new floor will make the whole room feel new.

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