4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Porch

Spruce your porch up a bit with these simple tips!

Summer is the perfect time to spend enjoying your porch or deck, but is your outdoor space at its best? This summer, make sure you’re porch is bringing it’s best summer game with the help of some subtle improvements. Today we’re bringing you four easy ways to spruce up your porch. To learn more ways to keep your porch in tip-top shape, make sure to come to visit the professionals at Johnson Lumber.

Add Plants

Bringing in greenery can make a huge difference in your space. Not only do plants add a calming, beautiful effect, but they have functional uses as well. The more plants you have surrounding your porch, the more oxygen producing they can do, and as they consume carbon dioxide, they mildly decrease the temperature around them. By adding more plants, you’ll get to enjoy a slightly cooler, fresher atmosphere.

Fresh Paint

If it’s been a while since your porch has gotten a fresh coat of paint, it might be high time for a new one. Adding a new coat of paint will help keep it looking and performing it’s best, and if you don’t have homeowners association regulations to worry about, you might try a bold color on the floor or ceiling to help liven the place up.

Update Your Furniture

Comfortable, easy to care for porch furniture is one of the best ways to ensure you’re creating an area that will get plenty of use all summer long. It’s also a great way to add a decorative touch. Even if your furniture itself is simple, adding outdoor throw pillows in bright, coordinating colors is a great way to enliven the space.

Light It Up

If you want to use your porch once the sun goes down, you’ll want to make sure your porch lighting is up to snuff. An overhead light or chandelier is a great way to add bright, direct light, but if you want to create a more intimate mood, you might try fairy lights or lanterns.

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