4 Deck Updates for Summer

Once summertime arrives, it’s hard for Maryland homeowners to not be drawn to the outdoors. From public parks to bay-side eateries, people will soon be flocking to their favorite spots to relax and enjoy the summer sun. But what if you could have the ideal outdoor oasis in your own backyard? Luckily, with the right deck upgrades and accessories, you can create the perfect space to relax and enjoy the outdoors this summer.

deck updates for summer

Composite Floors

If you’re not afraid of giving your deck some upgraded flooring, consider switching to composite decking material. Composite decking is wildly popular with homeowners due to its ability to withstand the elements and the fact that it provides a smooth and comfortable surface underfoot – even on days when the sun’s rays are the strongest. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Ideal for those homeowners that prefer cooking and entertaining in their spare time, an outdoor kitchen can prove to be just what your outdoor living space needed. You can fully furnish a section of your deck with a gas range, sink, and ample cabinetry, or opt for a more simplistic cooking experience with a new grill and some built-in seating. Either way, an upgrade can make it simple and convenient to prepare meals and dine outdoors this summer.

Greenery and Plant Life

Live in an urban area and want to make your backyard feel more like the countryside? Adding some potted plants or a raised garden bed to your deck can make you feel closer to nature and provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Deck Lighting

If you’ve never gotten to experience a warm summer evening on your deck, the right lighting can provide the perfect ambiance for relaxing in your outdoor living space after the sun goes down. Whether you prefer a fully illuminated space or simply desire soft lighting integrated into your deck’s railings or floors, there are deck lighting options available that can facilitate any aesthetic you desire for your deck. 

We Have the Deck Essentials You Need for Summer

At The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company, we’re dedicated to providing the very best in materials, lighting, railings, and other necessities for Maryland decks. Whether you’re looking to have a new deck built or you’re simply in need of some updated decking features, we’ve got plenty of options for you.

Contact us to learn more about our engineered lumber or deck accessories today.

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