4 Little-Known Benefits Of Trex Decking Material

Trex Decking reminds us that when it comes to building a deck, the decking material you end up using is just as important as the deck’s design.

Whether you’re upgrading your deck or deciding to build your home’s first one, taking your time to understand decking material options will make sure you end up with a deck you love for years.

Naturally, there are advantages to different kinds of materials, and the right one for you will ultimately depend on your budget, where you live, and your tastes. Plus, you’ll need to make some decisions about what kind of deck maintenance you’re up for, what kind of style you’d like to have for the next 20 to 30 years, and more.

To help simplify the choice for you, we’re sharing today about one of our favorite types of decking materials. We’ve built more than our share of decks over the last 100 years, and this is definitely one we keep coming back to. 

Read on for four of the reasons we love Trex decking material. 

What Makes Trex Decking Different From Normal Decking Materials

As we get ready for 2023, Trex continues to be a popular choice. It’s actually been a part of a long-standing decking debate (believe us! They get intense!) about Trex vs wood.

While we are a lumber company, we’re pretty excited about Trex decking as an alternative to wood decking. 

For starters, it does pull off the wood look. As composite decking, though, it’s made of a durable composite of plastic, wood fibers, and a bonding agent. Each of these materials is made from recycled materials, making Trex decking material an ecological choice.

Combine that green decision with its innate durability and you can start to see why so many homeowners talk about the benefits of Trex decking material.

Why Trex is Right For Your Home

Build as many decks as we have and you start to see some trends. By and large, homeowners tend to have four considerations when it comes to decking materials: its price, its upkeep, its eco-friendly nature, and its look.

Let’s break down Trex decking materials for you in those four categories.

Trex Decking Price

In the short-term, Trex is a bigger investment than a comparable deck made of wood.

However, you’re not buying your deck just for the short term! Ultimately, Trex decking material is durable and lasts longer than wood, which can end up warping and needing to be replaced.

With the weather how it is in Maryland, that could end up happening sooner than later. When making your decking material decision, do keep in mind that wood decks may have other associated costs.

Trex Decking Upkeep

When we talk about deck upkeep, we’re talking about keeping it in good condition no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. From unwanted critters like termites to extreme weather, decks can go through a lot.

Unfortunately, an all-wood deck will have a harder time fending off these natural occurrences than a composite deck.

Eco-Friendly Decking Material

Fully 95% of Trex decking material comes from recycled materials, including grocery bags, newspapers, toilet paper packaging, water bottles, and more.

While you can use reclaimed wood for your deck if you were really trying to have no carbon footprint at all, the issue would be getting enough of it and of the right quality to build the whole deck.

When compared with the timber harvested from forests, Trex decking may end up being the more environmentally sound choice to make.

How Trex Decking Looks

Part of the reason you’re thinking about building or replacing your deck is how it looks, so it’s okay to be particular at this stage.

You’d likely prefer a decking material that matches or complements your home. Depending on when your home was built, it may be difficult to find a natural wood with the color and grain that fit well.

Trex decking ends up having a wider selection of colors, while also not having to deal with the stains and fading that may come along with modifying natural wood. 

Get Trex Decking Material For Your New Deck Today

From long-term savings to its environmental-friendly material, Trex decking material can be a compelling choice for your new deck.

If you’re curious to learn more about how Trex decking material could work for your home, please reach out. The expert team at Johnson Lumber is waiting to hear from you!

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