3 Ways to Make Your Deck Cozy for Summer Nights

Having a deck is more than just owning a few panels of wood. It’s about investing in the concept of outdoor living and knowing how to make your new space serve you in a variety of contexts. Though summer days are hot and bright, summer nights can be quite different. Today we’re going to talk about creating a cozy environment on your deck to be enjoyed in the evening hours.

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Make Sure You Have Enough Light

Light has a huge impact on the ambiance of a space. It can create warmth or excitement depending on what you choose and, of course, you need it to see. As simple as it may seem, it’s easy to forget that you need lighting when you’re swept up in the excitement of building your new deck, but it’s never too late to incorporate this essential feature. Torches can provide a fun atmosphere, but they can be a little inconsistent in their practical applications. It is usually better to install electrical lighting that you have more control over.

Invest in Temperature Control for Your Deck

Though summer days are hot and sticky, the evenings can be quite chilly. Adding a few outdoor heaters can make a big difference in your outdoor living situation throughout cool summer nights. Not to mention the fact that you’ll love being warm and cozy on your deck in the winter too. There are free-standing heaters that you can purchase to make this happen, but you should also invest in a few blankets to keep on hand.

Storage and Furniture Make a Big Difference

Creating the feeling of “coziness” is all about making sure that you have everything you need when you need it. Part of making that happen is investing in the right furniture and storage solutions for your deck. After all, you’re going to need somewhere to put those blankets when they’r not in use. There are plenty of outdoor furniture options out there that are both comfortable and waterproof, so make sure the furniture you buy has all the necessary features. You don’t want to have to pull in all of your furniture when it rains or snows.

We’re Here to Make It Happen

Whether you’re looking for a new deck, deck furniture, or any other home improvement project help, Johnson Lumber is here to help you. We have the products and advice you need to tackle projects from the kitchen to the outdoors and everywhere in between. Contact us today to find out how you can get started.

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