3 Tips for Choosing an Interior Paint Color

Can’t decide what color to go with when painting your home? Follow these tips.

The Summer is officially here and while you are actively planning a cookout to host guests, put the focus on the inside of your house as well as the outside. Guest will be entering and exiting the house for a number of reasons like helping with food, getting a drink or using the bathroom. If one of the rooms in your house looks outdated, a quick fix to making it pop during your cookout is adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Changing the wall color from a dark to light color can widen and open the space. If you don’t know much about the interior paint colors, here are three quick tips for choosing the right one.

Picking the Right Paint

When thinking about paint, know that the paint for your walls requires a specific kind of paint just like the paint for your car. It is important to choosing the right paint as it can benefit the look of the all, the longevity of the paint life and what is more efficient for each part of your house. There are two kinds of paints that can be used for the interior of the house. These two types are made from a base of oil or latex. Both of them have different purposes and uses in the house, while latex has come to be the most preferred. If you are doing the interior wall color yourself, latex is your best option because the paint is easy to clean up and the longevity of the color last longer.

If you are looking to doing some painting to the trims and moldings of your house, oil paint will be the best option, although it is a little more difficult to deal with. The time frame for drying is also longer, so plan accordingly to your cookout to make sure wet paint is not a problem.

Picking the Right Finish


The journey of picking the right paint doesn’t stop there. After coming up what base you would like in your paint, it’s time to pick the right finish in your paint. First, decide what effect you would like on the walls of the room. Two options you can choose from are matte and flat paints and glossy paints. If your wall is somewhat damaged, it is best to use a matte paint as it can hide those unwanted mistakes. If you have children and want a wall that can be cleaned easily, it is best to go with the glossy paints. What’s a good in-between finish between the two? An eggshell finish is a great one to suggest because it can be easily cleaned but doesn’t offer the super glossy look like some others.

Picking the Right Color

The last tip to picking out an interior paint color is picking the right color for the walls. For each space of your house, picking out the right color can be important. If you have an open floor plan and want something that resembles an open, airy space, a lighter paint color like grays and white would be best. Feel free to also be creative in some rooms picking bold colors and designs.

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