3 New Deck Design Trends Worth Knowing About

Over the past few years, more and more homeowners are investing into their homes. With more time being spent at home, it makes sense to make that home as comfortable as possible. Now, we’re seeing the rise of some new outdoor deck design trends, too. As we enjoy our homes, it’s natural to invite other people to enjoy them, too. The deck is an ideal place to spend an afternoon and evening, so why not make it as attractive and functional as possible?

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For new homeowners and established homeowners alike, being aware of outdoor deck design trends will help when the time comes for your new deck. From small changes that you can use to upgrade your area to ideas you can implement when building your deck from scratch, 2022 is filled with interesting deck design trends.

Below are 3 of our favorites – let’s take a look!

Outside Kitchen And Bar

Does anything say summer quite like the sizzling sound of food grilling outside? By installing an outside kitchen, you can take your grilling and barbecuing to another level. This deck design trend is all about fixtures and appliances that seamlessly integrate your kitchen into the deck area. Not limited to just built-in grills, you can also work in food prep stations, sinks, and even a fridge.

And if you’re looking to add a classy touch, a simple bar area can also make your deck feel all the more welcoming. More than just an area to chill drinks, store glasses, and prep cocktails, it can also have some nicer, weather-proof seating to make your deck the place to be.

Deck Designs With Upgraded Railings

new Azek balcony deck install, Johnson Lumber, Anne Arundel, MD Lumber, Millwork, & Builders' Materials
Azek Vintage Collection in coastline with dark hickory accents. Instead of rails, this deck has glass panels for an unobstructed view of the lake.

Thought of in the past as purely functional, deck designs in 2022 are using railing now to add even more style. Because of their relative ease to install, it’s also an option that current deck owners can consider to give their deck a new look – without significant construction.

One of the common materials for new deck design railings are metal balusters. These balusters, the pieces that fill in the space between the railing and the ground, can be metal even if the railings are wood. 

Though you may think of these as vertical pieces, it’s becoming increasingly popular to see these slats run horizontally. Depending on your preference, this can add a nice visual element to the deck. 

If you’d like a thinner option, there are also cable rail infills that add an even more modern touch to your deck design. One note to keep in mind are regional trends. In rainier areas or coastal areas, PVC and vinyl railing are being used more often. Thanks to their water resistance and durability in areas with salty air, they can help extend your deck’s life.

Improved LED Deck Lighting

Having lighting for your deck is key to getting the most out of it. With LED lighting, you get a cost-effective, more creative way to install that lighting. These non-intrusive, easily-implemented lights can transform your deck. 

Consider the variety of ways you can use LED lighting in your new deck design:

  • Strip lights across a railing
  • Illuminate walkways with inlaid stair lights
  • Place lights under stair lips for safety
  • Hang strips of lights for a romantic, bistro feel
  • Build ground lights into the deck to illuminate your home’s walls

More than just adding nighttime functionality, improving your deck’s lighting with LEDs can give you more fine-level control over the look. Instead of just turning lights on or off, you can set lights for specific occasions. From romantic dinners to cocktail parties, a deck fitted with LED lighting is dynamic.

Upgrade Your Deck Today

Building a deck that incorporates these modern deck trends can be an exciting next step in your homeownership journey. From a dash of lighting to a full new kitchen, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your deck design in 2022. 

Ready to take that next step? We encourage you to get in touch with the expert team at Johnson Lumber today.

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