3 Features Every Modern Kitchen Needs

There is nothing better than coming home with a basket full of ingredients and weaving them together into a delicious meal. But, if your kitchen isn’t up to snuff, the magic will likely be lost. So, what are the features that will turn your average kitchen space into a culinary wonderland? We’re here to tell you.

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Countertops that Work For You

There are so many different countertops on the market these days and some are far more useful than others. Granite, one of the most popular choices, can marry the elegance of natural stone with practical elements, whereas marble countertops may only look good. They also tend to be difficult to maintain in the kitchen considering that they stain and chip easily. You want something that’s both durable and attractive. We can show you the best options for your budget when you visit one of our locations.

Subtle Drawers and Cabinets

Secret compartments aren’t just for spies anymore. They can actually be very helpful in your kitchen by helping to maximize your counter space and hide bulky cooking items like pots and pans. Keeping your kitchen looking neat and tidy is all about using your drawers and cabinets to hide your many kitchen appliances and associated items. When you come in to have your cabinets replaced, we’ll help you think through the subtle design elements that you can use to make your kitchen into a wonderland of the culinary arts.

Flooring that Can Handle Your Life

Kitchen floors need to be able to take a beating. Between the guests, the daily grind, and the possibility of dropping crock pots, a sturdy floor is a good investment. You have a ton of options that go beyond your grandmother’s linoleum including porcelain tile and vinyl. Porcelain tile is durable and handles stains like a champ. Vinyl is similar in durability and it’s a bit more budget friendly. It all depends on what you need and how much you’re willing to spend to make it happen.

We’ve Got You Covered

No matter what kind of kitchen remodeling you’re looking to get into, the professionals at Johnson Lumber are here to help you. We have all of the materials you could need plus professional designers on stand by to help you think through the best options for your home. Come visit us today to learn more.

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